Wooden Rattle - Yellow
Wooden Rattle - Yellow

Wooden Rattle - Yellow

Ribbons & Curls baby Co.
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Wooden Rattles are the perfect addition to your babe's toy basket! 
Allow them to hold, shake, and play with the rattle to have some fun!

R & C Wooden Rattles are about 7" long, and made from all natural, untreated wood.
Each Rattle features two wooden rings and one colored silicone right that will make some noise when your babe is shaking their Rattle up!
Wooden Rattles (and Bunny Ear Teethers!) can also provide some new sensory stimulation and practice using their fine motor skills. Thats a win win!

To Clean: Wipe your Rattle with a damp towel! Never soak or submerge your rattle in water!

Note: Due to the Wooden Rattles being made with untreated wood, it is recommended to treat wooden products with a food grade oil such as coconut oil to help perserve the wood!

R & C Wooden Rattles should be used with adult supervision. Please inspect the rattle before each use and disguard at any sign of damage!