The Raindrop Who Wouldn’t Fall - Book

The Raindrop Who Wouldn’t Fall - Book

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“Maxwell, the Raindrop Who Wouldn’t Fall”  a book that encourages understanding and self-acceptance.

Maxwell does not want to simply fall like the other raindrops. He feels that, as a raindrop, he has little importance. He wants to be a bird, a rainbow or a flower. Anything but a raindrop.

Throughout the story, the grandfatherly cloud tries to gently assure Maxwell that rain is a part of everything that he wants to be, so it is important for him to simply be himself.

At the end of the story, all of the other raindrops have fallen and Maxwell sees a thirsty flower that was missed by the other raindrops. The flower will dry up without rain.

Maxwell then realizes his purpose. He is suddenly proud to be a raindrop. The story ends with him happily falling to save the flower.