Celebrate Me Book - Pink

Celebrate Me Book - Pink

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Congratulations! You are officially a parent. Whether this is your first child or the fifth, you still feel the exact same way. You want to remember every laugh, every first, every moment. With the Coton Colors Celebrate Me Book, now you will have the daily prompt to keep up with the big and small milestones in your child’s life. This book features a hardback cover, gold foil writing on the cover and a coordinating ribbon to keep your place for the next day. Whether you are writing a few sentences about your child’s first word or documenting a page worthy amount of memories from the day the choice is yours. Now you can journal every day, however you choose, and before you know it you will have a book of celebrations centered around your little one’s day-to-day adventures.


  • Material: Paper
  • Dimensions:  9in L x 9in W x 1.25in H
  • Volume: Pages:368
  • Care Instructions: ISBN:978-0-9894269-2-3